Creative Real Estate Investing

Duration: 2 hours each
Classes: 14 classes
Price: AWG 2,900.00 (Payment plan available)

Real Estate Investing is one of the financial vehicles that has produced the most wealth to investors around the world. In this course, you will learn all the Ins and Outs of real estate investing in Aruba . A new and exciting career awaits you, in one of the most lucrative industries in the world.

Course Outline :
Kick Off: Qualities of a Successful Real Estate Investor

Lesson 1 : How to Prepare Yourself to Invest in Real Estate
- My Present Net Worth
- Self-Analysis Check List
- Legal Set Up To Start Investing
- My income goals for the next five years
Workshop: My ultimate investment goals

Lesson 2 : Flipping Properties
- What does "Flipping Properties Mean?"
- Different Ways to Flip Properties
- Scouting; Wholesaling; Retailing
- How to Recognize Good Deals to Flip
Workshop: Flipping properties exercise

Lesson 3 : Building Wealth through Real Estate Investing
- The Difference between Flipping and Building Wealth
- Deciding whether to Flip or Build Wealth
- General mindset of the Wealth builder
- Properties that are Best Suited to Build Wealth
Workshop: Building Wealth R.0.I exercise

Lesson 4 : How To Generate Your Initial Investment Capital
- Building Good Credit with Your Bank
- Scouting and Retailing to Generate Cash
- How to Succeed Even Without Good Credit
- Alternative ways to secure your initial capital
Workshop: Building Wealth Exercise scenario 1 & 2

Lesson 5 : How to Find Properties to Invest in
- Proven Methods to Find Deals
- Promoting Yourself as a Real Estate Investor
- Performing a Quick Property Analysis
- Learning how to do lease to own deals
Workshop: Building Wealth Exercise scenario 3 & 4

Lesson 6 : How to Analyze Properties to Invest in
- Making Use of Appraisers
- Developing Your Own Property Check List
- Developing Your Own Database of Prices
- Performing Your Formal Research
Workshop: Review Offer to Purchase Agreement

Lesson 7 : How to Negotiate and Write Offers on Properties
- Legal aspects of your offer
- Do's and Don'ts of Your Offer Agreement
- Writing Your Purchase Agreement
- Protecting Yourself in Your Offer
Workshop: Analyze Offer to Purchase Agreement

Lesson 8 : How to Recondition Your Properties to Flip Them
- Doing the Work Yourself or Using a Contractor
- Getting Price Quotes on Repairs
- Negotiating Contractor's Bids
- Controlling for Cost Overruns
Workshop: Sample Contractor Agreement

Lesson 9 : How to Present Your Offer to a Lender
- Documents that are required
- Presenting the Offer to the Lender
- Don't Give Up Easily - Keep on Knocking
Workshop: Sample Offer to Lender Document

Lesson 10 : How the Transfer of Title Takes Place
- The Role of the Notary in Transferring Title
- Understanding the Terms and Conditions of a Transfer Deed
- Understanding the Terms and Conditions of a Mortgage Deed
- The Role of Various Government Institutions in a Real Estate
This lesson is given by a local Notary

Lesson 11 : Construction I & II
- General information on Construction in Aruba
- How to spot construction defects
- How to estimate the approximate repair cost of construction defects
- Using your property repair cost as a negotiating tool
- Why use a construction supervisor during your rehabilitation work
This lesson is given by a Construction Engineer/Architect

Lesson 12 : How to Manage the Rental Properties That you Own
- Do It Yourself or Use a Management Company
- The Property Rental Agreement
- Managing to Maximize Your Income
- Government Regulations Regarding Rental Properties
Workshop: Various Rental Documents

Lesson 13 : What to Do Next
- What is Your Next Step?
- Questions and Answers
- Awarding of Course Participation Certificate

As part of this real estate investing course, participants will have the opportunity to play the famous real estate investment game; developed by world renowned "Real Estate Investor" Robert Kiyosaki: "CASH FLOW 101"

The course material is in English, however, the course is given in Papiamento.

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