Kenneth Faustin

Tel: +297-737-3000

"Potential Unlimited N.V.", was incorporated in 1983 as a company specializing in sales, sales management and motivation training. Since then, our company has trained thousands of people on Aruba, Curacao and St. Maarten. I am fortunate to have been the facilitator of several of its training programs.

I have personally developed several sales training programs in Papiamento: “Benta Creativo den Pacus”, “Technicanan Moderno di Benta Directo”, “Cinco Paso pa Aumenta Mi Benta” as well as various Seminars.

In 2006 I developed two Real Estate related training programs. “Successful Real Estate Selling” teaches individuals how to sell real estate; “Creative Real Estate Investing” teaches persons how to invest in real estate on Aruba. Over the years, I am honored to have trained many of Aruba's top real estate agents, and estate investors.

I have been invited as a guest speaker at numerous company gatherings, Jaycees events and several International real estate conventions.

One of my greatest passion is: "helping people to achieve their goals. Goal setting can literally change a person’s life for the better.
I hope I can meet you soon at one of our courses or seminars.

Tel: +297-737-3000