Successful Real Estate Selling

Duration: 2 hours each
Classes: 13 classes
Price: AWG 2,500.00 (Payment plan available)

You will be learning all aspects of selling real estate in Aruba. A new and exciting career awaits you, in one of the most lucrative industries in the world.

Course Outline :
Kick Off - Developing your Mindset
- The Power of Conditioning
- Three Keys to Success
- Accepting Change
- Your Unlimited Potential
Workshop: Plan of Action for the next 12 weeks

Lesson 1 : Qualities of a Successful Real Estate Sales Person
- Qualities of a Successful Real Estate Agent
- Developing the Attitude of Service
- Think Action
Workshop: Formulating your Big Why

Lesson 2 : Preparing Yourself To Sell
- Start Setting your Goals
- Know Your Numbers
- Work With Systems
- Maintaining a High Level of Energy
Workshop: Know Your Numbers, Weekly Time Planning

Lesson 3 : How To Generate Leads
- List of all my contacts
- What are Leads
- How to Start Generating Qualified Leads
- Keeping Track of Your Leads
Workshop: Seller Lead Sheet, Buyer Lead Sheet

Lesson 4 : Discovering the Customer's Needs
- Main Reasons why People Decide to Sell or Buy
- Getting to Know Your Clients
- The Value of Learning to Ask the Right Questions
Workshop: Some of the many things you will need to do as a real estate agent

Lesson 5 : Successful Seller Presentations
- Recognizing the Needs of Your Clients
- Steps of a Successful Listing Presentation
- Getting the Listing and at the Right Price
Workshop: Suggestions to share with your sellers

Lesson 6 : Successful Buyer Presentations
- Steps of a Successful Buyer Presentation
- Showing the Property to Potential Buyers
- Helping the Buyer Select a Property
Workshop: Suggestions to share with your buyers

Lesson 7 : Overcoming Objections
- What Do Objections Mean?
- The Different Types of Objections
- Steps for Handling Objections
- Steps for handling stalls
Workshop: Key Dutch words used regularly in real estate

Lesson 8 : How to Close Sales And When
- Main Principles behind Closing the Sale
- When to Start Closing and How?
- Mastering Closing Techniques
- Becoming a Master Closer
Workshop: Ideas to Help You Sell Your Properties

Lesson 9 : The role of the Notary with Regard to Real Estate (Given by a local Notary)
- Title Transfer
- Mortgages
- Special Circumstances (Inheritance)
- Taxes
- Division (Splitsing)
- Long Lease vs. Real Property (Eigendom)
- Apartment Units (Apartementenrechten)
- Auctions
This lesson is given by a local Notary

Lesson 10 : Construction I & II (Given by a Construction Engineer/Architect)
- General information on Construction in Aruba
- Procedures for building a home in Aruba
- The role of "Kadaster , Hypotheek kantoor & DOW"
- The Construction Phases -The Structure
- The Installation

Lesson 11 : Review of Listing Agreement
- Review of Buy/Sell Agreement
- Review Other Documents

Lesson 12 : Course Review & Graduation

The course material is in English or Spanish, however, the course is given in Papiamento.

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